Cayo Levisa


Las Coloradas archipelago crowns the western part of Cuba to the north of the province of Pinar del Rio and is made of small keys, the most attractive are: Cayo Levisa, Cayo Paradiso and Cayo Jutia all close to each other by the magic of its isolation as it only connects with land through small vessels.

You can reach Cayo Levisa from the Palma Rubia pier located in La Palma county. The boat trip will take approximately half an hour trip very relaxing and pretty.

This islet is made up by some 3 kilometers of excellent beaches, located in the middle of the ocean and with various sites dedicated to snorkelling turning the place into an excellent place for lovers of diving, thanks to the transparency of its waters and the existence of coral barriers.

These coral reefs are part of the Los Colorados barrier and are considered among the best in the Caribbean. Diving constitutes the main option among the vacationers that visit Cayo Levisa with support from the International Diving Center with adequate equipment for security.

Cayo Levisa has a hotel with 40 comfortable cabins where you can stay. From here you can do tours to other parts of the region like the Guanacahabibes –proclaimed by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve-, Sierra del Rosario, Viñales Valley and northern keys, also to Havana. Cayo Paraíso also known as Cayo Mégano de Casiguas is some 9 kilometers north of Cayo Levisa and 100 kilometers west of the City of Havana. This key became famous thanks to US writer Ernest Hemingway, who loved to visit this region and spend long hours in the key and where he wrote “Islands in the Sea”. Among some of its main attractions is an excellent 500 meter long beach, magnificent floors for snorkeling and diving in the coral reefs close to the key as well as the almost total isolation and calmness as its access is only by boat.

Cayo Jutias is found on the coast of the county of Minas de Matahambre some 175 kilometers west of the Havana and its access is by road constructed over the sea with some 5 kilometers in length. It has a surface of approximately 4 square kilometers and a good quality beach in the northern coast while the south is full of mangroves which enrich its ecological environment.

If you are an ocean lover, like to dive in coral reefs, swim in transparent and calm waters in an almost virgin environment and a vacation far from noise and close to other beaches and popular tourist resorts, then Cayo Levisa, Cayo Paraiso and Cayo Jutias can be good options.

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Havana-Terrazas= 79 km
Las Terrazas-Palma Rubia= 74.9 km
Soroa-Palma Rubia= 73 km
Viñales-Palma Rubia= 48.2 km

Diving Center Cayo Levisa
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The diving-zones begin from reef-benches with an world and extended colourful underwater-coral-world. Already in depths of 8 meters, you find massive brain - and star-coral-sticks, crawfishes and Murrains in all sizes and types, in fields of fan - and Feather Gorgonians stand swarms of reef-perches, colourful Papagei fishes, Nassau-perches and others.From 15 to 30 meters, the underwater-landscape with wonderful flat coral architecture, Eagle Rays, White Tip Sharks and water turtles. all types of the Caribbean tube-sponges and extended black coral-colonies settle.


Things to do


  • ✓ Diving at the International Diving Center.
  • ✓ Nature tourism: observation, walks.
  • ✓ Water sports: boat rides, submarine photograph, snorkeling.
  • ✓ Explore neighborhing keys: Cayo Jutias, Paraiso.


  • ✓ Explore the Guanahacabibes Penninsula, Biosphere Reserve.
  • ✓ From Cayo Levisa you can travel to other interesting destinations in the province like: Las Terrazas, Soroa, Viñales, city of Pinar del Rio.

Cayo Jutias

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Cayo Megano de Caciguas

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Hotel Cayo Levisa

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Hotel Cayo Levisa is the only installation on Cayo Levisa, accessible only by boat with two daily departures; 35 minute trip, this hotel is perfect for lovers of nature and water sports, especially scuba diving and snorkeling.The hotel, comprised of 53 bungalows, all with ocean views and verandahs to enjoy them, is located along three kilometers of beach. A small a la carte restaurant serves fresh seafood and typical Cuban dishes; there’s also a more casual restaurant on the beach.