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Holguin-Havana: 748km
Holguin-Bayamo: 71km
Holguin-Guardalavaca: 58km
Holguin-Santiago de Cuba: 146km


The third largest province of Cuba with an extension that represents 8.6% of the total area of the island. It is considered the third most important tourist destination of the country. Called the land of nickel production contributes 20% of the country's income from exports.


San Isidro de Holguin was the name given to the first settlement founded in 1545. Two centuries later it became the 4th most important city in the country. Holguin is located in the north-eastern part of the island between the provinces of Las Tunas and Guantanamo. The City of Holguin is found in the province of the same name.

Holguin is also known as the “City of Parks” and has a strong Hispanic influence. The straight layout of its streets has resulted as a new element for its time and allowed to link –through its two main arteries, Maceo and Libertad Streets- a notable number of parks and plazas which still conserve its colonial presence.

It is a city with intense cultural activities and remembered by two popular figures: The Guayabero and the beer drinking donkey named Mayabe. The cultural life of Holguin, its traditions, music and artists are for special nights, as it constitutes the basis of its animation are the protagonists of a variety of night performances.

From any point of the city you can see the peak of the Loma de la Cruz with a Spanish fortress from the 19th century and its enrooted traditions and legends. Its history dates back to 1720 when a Franciscan climbed the top of the 275 meter high Bayado hill with a cross. Since then, the famous Romerias de Mayo festivities have been a tradition in the location. Each May 3rd people climb the 458 steps constructed between 1927 and 1950.

Across the monumental park dedicated to Brigadier Grave de Peralta you can find the San Isidoro Cathedral. Not far from the temple, you can find an old home which history says was the residence of Governor of the Villa of Holguin. The four streets that surround the Calixto Garcia Park is part of the most busy and active commercial centers of the city on the exterior. Stores and all type of services, restaurants are found along the large and continued roofed porches with good shade to walk through.

Only some doors separate the art and crafts galleries from the building known as La Periquera, current Provincial History Museum. To its west side you can find the Culture House where a variety of cultural manifestations are held. Close is the Trova House, Provincial Library and farther away another art gallery. Diagonally also across from the Calixto Garcia Park is the Suñol Theater the largest in the province. In the neighbourhood you can find the Guiñol Theater of Holguin and the surprising Plaza de la Marqueta.

Touring the northern section of the province could be an excellent option for those that want to stay close to the ocean, sun and the beauty of nature. The coastal city of Gibara, learn aspects of its aboriginal culture in Banes, penetrate some of its forests and go discover the beauties of the Bahia de Naranjo Park, admire the nature of Cayo Saetia or walk the hills of Pinares de Mayari are some of the most interesting options that a vacationer can enjoy.

National Park La Mensura-Pilotos

National Park La Mensura-Pilotos, Holguin cuba

Officially declared National Park in 2008. Protected Area located in the province of Holguin. It is one of the most interesting regions of Cuba and especially the eastern region, for their values vegetation, flora and fauna rich in endemic local, alone on the hill of La Mensura have been reported 268 endemic species of Cuban flora and which 90 species are unique to this area. Owes its name to Rio Pilots and Mesura hill.

Cayo Saetia Beach

cayo saetia beach holguin

Things to do


  • ✓ Dolphinarium, Cayo Naranjo
  • ✓ Guardalavaca Beach
  • ✓ Esmeralda Beach
  • ✓ Estero Ciego Esmeralda Beach
  • ✓ Cayo Saetia Island
  • ✓ Cayo Bariay
  • ✓ Pesquero Beach
  • ✓ Bahia de Naranjo Nature Park
  • ✓ BioParque Rocazul
  • ✓ La Periquera Provincial Museum
  • ✓ Natural History Museum
  • ✓ Birthplace Calixto Garcia Museum
  • ✓ Cathedral of San Isidoro (La Catedral de San Isidro)
  • ✓ San Jose Church (Iglesia de San Jose)


  • ✓ Banes
  • ✓ Centro Histórico de Gibara
  • ✓ Chorro de Maíta, archaeological interest
  • ✓ Bahía de Nipe, archaeological interest
  • ✓ Faro Lucrecia
  • ✓ Mayarí
  • ✓ Historical Site Birán. Birthplace Fidel Castro, Raúl and his brothers.
  • ✓ Natural Bridge located in Cueto.
  • ✓ Farallones de Seboruco
  • ✓ Hill of the Cross (Loma de la Cruz)
  • ✓ Calixto Garcia Park
  • ✓ Cristobal Colon Park
  • ✓ Peralta Park (Parque de las Flores)
  • ✓ Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Park

Naranjo kay

The Cayo Naranjo Aquarium is beside diving also a beautiful surprise in the park . In the center of the bay, accessible by boat, its number one atraction is the dolphin show, a fun filled act for young and old alike.

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Guayabo waterfall

El Guayabo waterfall

Located at 15 Km away from the resort Villa Pinares de Mayari. It is nearby the Bandera Hill. The tourist will be able to visit the worldwide famous Salto el Guayabo with a free fall of about 100 m to the puddle. The observation point of the Guayabo Waterfall is about 480m on the sea level from where can be see the whole landscape and to make a journey of 1200 m for the rocky channel of the river of the same name.