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Moron. Like the Rooster of Moron, without feathers and cackling, is the celebrated phrase that identifies to the city of Morón in Ciego de Ávila. The old Morón de Sancti Spíritus, after Camagüey and finally the province of Ciego de Avila, is located on the north coast of the central region of the country, under a vegetation and beautiful beaches, infinitely escorted by the imposing Gulf Stream.                   

The city limits to the east with the municipality Bolivia, to the west with Chambas, to the north with the Old Channel of the Bahamas and to the south with the municipality Ciro Redondo. It has a territorial extension of 615.1 km2 and its territory is flat, with small elevations to the north, which constitute saline domes. It has a population of 62,932 inhabitants and its main economic activities are agriculture (citrus, livestock, sugar cane) and tourism.                   

The foundation of Morón officially occurred on May 24, 1543 and its first settlers were families who emigrated from Sancti Spíritus and sailors who sailed along the north coast in search of adventure and fortune. In 1869 Morón was awarded the title Villa, later years on January 24, 1919, reached its category of first class municipality and went from the status of Villa to City.                   

Morón is also known as the "City of the Gallo", named after people who lived in the area during the sixteenth century, from Morón de la Frontera, in Seville, Spain and from where the famous Gallo legend comes "without feather and cackling ". Around 1950 was erected in the city a monument to the famous Gallo de Morón, which was destroyed and replaced in 1982 by a bronze sculpture, sculpted by artists Rita Longa and Armando Alonso. This sculpture is curious that at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., it emits a sound imitating the singing of the roosters, to indicate to the settlers the hour. It is located at the entrance of the village.                   

In the north end of the city is located the Ignacio Agramonte Park, and around it are the Catholic Church, the oldest building relic that stands and is the only one in the country that has a crenellated tower and loopholes in Its walls; The structure of the Reguero Theater, a work that despite its antiquity, never came to an end. These buildings were the first that arose in Morón. It is also of interest the Railway Station, built in 1923, the Park ¨José Antonio Echeverría¨ and the Parque de la Madre, the latter dedicated to mothers, inaugurated in 1951.                   

In this municipality is Laguna de la Leche, the largest natural reservoir in the country with 67.2 km2 and is located 5 km north of the municipality. Its waters are whitish because of the excess calcium carbonate that is in the borders and is dragged by the breeze to the waters. The place is of amazing natural beauty and has a very varied flora and fauna and where birds predominate. La Laguna de la Leche is home to the annual Water Carnival, which is a very special fiesta, where beautifully decorated boats symbolize different motifs of the region. Its first edition was in the mid-50's and is now a prime attraction, for the inhabitants of this territory and foreigners who visit the city.                   

In the northern part of the municipality, the Alturas de Turiguanó, Laguna la Redonda and its surroundings stand out, as well as the northern cayería, where Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo stand out. To this cayería is acceded through a pedraplén, that bursts over the sea and opens way to these keys and to the exotic nature that they harbor.                   

A few kilometers from the city is La Trocha de Júcaro, which was built by the Spanish during the First War of Independence in the nineteenth century, to prevent the advance of insurgent troops under the command of Generalissimo Máximo Gómez. P>                    

Discover the city of Morón and its attractions is the preamble to enter a paradise, where history, natural beauties, dream beaches, and the quality of its tourist infrastructure, will make your visit a wonderful experience.

The Rooster of Morón

Municipality Morón. Known as the city of the Rooster. It is the second most populous municipality of the province and in the cayería is nailed one of the biggest tourist poles of the country. It has patrimonial values that express a clear urban and territorial identity.

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Horse carriage in Morón

Horse carriage in Moron Cuba

Things to do

Attractions of Ciego de Avila

  • ✓ Martí Park
  • ✓ Principal theater
  • ✓ University of Ciego de Ávila
  • ✓ The Turbina
  • ✓ Cayo Guillermo
  • ✓ Simón Reyes provincial museum
  • ✓ Zoo of Ciego de Avila

Cathedral of Ciego de Avila

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Attractions of Morón

  • ✓ Heights of Turiguanó
  • ✓ Laguna de La Leche
  • ✓ La Redonda lake
  • ✓ Cayo Coco
  • ✓ Moron Railway Terminal

Municipal Museum of Morón.

It shows the Idolillo de Barro along with more than 1,600 aboriginal archaeological pieces, which were found in 1947 a few kilometers ...

museum conabo in moron cuba