Soroa Distances

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Havana-Soroa= 87 km
Soroa-Las Terrazas= 15.8 km
Soroa-Viñales= 104 km
Soroa-Maria la Gorda= 230 km

Orchard Botanical Garden

Orchard Botanical Garden Soroa pinar del rio

Site near the tourist center Soroa, the orchard hosts 540 species of orchids, the largest collection of these flowers in Cuba, while its construction is framed between the years 1943-1952, and the founder was the lawyer Tomas Felipe Camacho, who he dedicated to his deceased daughter Pilar.

Soroa known as “Cuba’s Rainbow” is located in the western part of the Sierra del Rosario Mountains and in Candelaria county in the extreme southeastern of the province of Pinar del Rio. The county of Candelaria is the smallest in the province and closest to Havana. The Sierra del Rosario was recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1985. This area has 25 000 hectares and includes Soroa and Las Terrazas.

Surrounded by exuberant nature, Soroa owes its name to French Jean Paul Soroa who at the end of the 18th century was impressed by the splendorous vegetation of the area, installing his coffee plantations and naming the place after him. The area has a mountainous section made up of low and medium elevations with narrow valleys between the mountains developed along the rivers. The main rivers in the area are: El Bayate and Manantiales which includes a beautiful and peaceful waterfall.

In the surrounding areas of Soroa you may find a wide and rich variety of flora and fauna of great scientific importance. The flora has a diverse number of trees, shrubs, wild orchards, fern as well as small palms of great interests for being a living fossil that dates back to the Jurassic period. It is also an attraction for bird watchers with a strong presence of endemic species of them the Tocororo considered the National Bird; the Zunzun or Hummingbird; the Carta Cuba; Tomeguin del Pinar among others.

Soroa is an ideal site to practice a variety of outdoors recreational activities. The area’s natural environment opens up possibilities for walking, horseback riding, alpinism or bike tourism.

The most famous attraction in Soroa is the Orchard Botanical Garden with 700 species from all over the world, out of which 250 are endemics from Cuba. In 1942, Tomas Felipe Camacho an attorney from the Canary Islands wanted to construct in this area a rest house and dedicated part of his life to the impressive art of cultivating orchards.

Castillo de las Nubes

castle las nubes of soroa cuba

At the highest hill of Soroa you can enjoy a delicious dinner in "Castillo Las Nubes" The "Castle of Clouds" has been build in 1867 by Don Pedro, Andaluz from Spain, where he enjoy meeting his friends and family.

EL Salto

Waterfall of soroa

The waters of the Manatiales river are found 22 meters high and its born in the majestic Soroa waterfall that drops in the so called Love Pool with natural pools where a visitor can enjoy a swim in its cold waters after climbing 279 steps. The waters of this river are hypothermal and contain mineral-medicinal properties mainly for the treatment of respiratory and skin illnesses. In this area at a certain time of the day, the sunlight breaks down and forms a small rainbow in the waterfalls and that is how Soroa got its name of the Rainbow of Cuba.


Things to do


  • ✓ Explore the Sierra del Rosario, Biosphere Reserve.
  • ✓ Nature Tourism: mountain climbing, horseback riding, mountaineering, bike riding.
  • ✓ Mountain climbing: the green route of the French coffee plantations, the green route El Bogote-Poza del Amor among others.


  • ✓ The Orchad Botanical Gardens.
  • ✓ Agua Pozo del Amor Waterfall. Its waters has mineral-medicinal properties.
  • ✓ Ruins of former French coffee plantations: Independence, La Esperanza and La Merced.
  • ✓ Enjoy a cool swim in the rivers: Bayate and Manatiales.


  • ✓ From Soroa you can travel towards other interesting destinations in the province like: Las Terrazas Community, Maria la Gorda, Cayo Levisa, city of Pinar del Rio.