Shore tour Havana

Tobacco, Rum and Coffee

The famous Habano cigar distinguishes Cuba in the world, as well as its excellent rum, the HAVANA CLUB obtained from the island’s high quality sugar cane and the aromatic Cuban coffee. Take some time out from the ship and instead prepare to acquaint yourself with what it takes to make fine Cuban cigars and rum, two luxury items for which the island is known the world over.

Approximate duration: Around 7 hours.


Departure towards the Partagás Cigar Factory. The visit will be a guided tour; then on to the Bocoy Rum Factory in Cerro municipality, followed by the Rum Museum in Old Havana where you can enjoy the aromatic rum; and then visit the Coffee House located at Havana’s Plaza de Armas.

Optional lunch in a restaurant of your choice (some of the options are the La Bodeguita del Medio and El Palenque Patio).

After lunch visit the tobacco and coffee warehouses in Central Havana, continue your visit to the Habano House in Miramar neighborhood.

Your return to the ship then brings the tour to a close.

Splendid views of Ambos Mundos Hotel, San Gerónimo University and Plaza de la Catedral then follow as you head for the last stop: Floridita Restaurant, where not only a delicious daiquiri, but also a life-sized bronze statue of the man himself await you at the bar.

Rum Museum
Rum Museum havana

Havana Club has kept alive the art of ageing and blending premium rums, thus ensuring the heritage and excellence of the Cuban rum-making tradition. Discover the history of rum in Cuba; learn how Havana Club’s Maestros Roneros make the world’s best Cuban rum; take a virtual tour of Havana Club’s Museum of Rum; and meet some of the world’s best bartenders.


havana highlight


  • ✓ Museum National of Bellas Artes
  • ✓ Museum of the Revolucion
  • ✓ Napoleonic museum
  • ✓ Museum of Chocolate
  • ✓ Museum of the Rum Havana Club
  • ✓ Pharmacy Museum
  • ✓ Museum of the City
  • ✓ Hemingway Museum Finca Vigia
  • ✓ Scale model of Havana
  • ✓ Museum of Guanabacoa
  • ✓ National Museum of Decorative Arts
  • ✓ Wilfredo Lam Center

Churches and convents

  • ✓ Havana Cathedral
  • ✓ Church and Convent of St. Francis of Asisi
  • ✓ Church of Paula
  • ✓ Church of the Merced
  • ✓ Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral
  • ✓ Church of Jesus de Miramar
  • ✓ Holy Spirit Church
  • ✓ St. Christ of Good Trip Church


  • ✓ Cañonazo ceremony
  • ✓ Marti Theather(programmed function)
  • ✓ Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso (programmed function)
  • ✓ National Theather(programmed function)
  • ✓ Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center (programmed function)
  • ✓ Tropicana Cabaret
  • ✓ Havana Cafe, Melia Cohiba
  • ✓ Parisien Cabaret National Hotel
  • ✓ Havana Cafe, Melia Cohiba

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One day tour

  • Pinar del Rio and its splendors: Soroa and Las Terrazas
  • Rural Outing
  • Sustainable agriculture and local communities
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Cigar, Rum and Coffee
  • Hemingway´s presence in Cuba