Guest House Cienfuegos


Fernandina de Jagua first, and later named Cienfuegos City and also known as “Pearl of the South”, is located in the southern coast of the island with coasts to the Caribbean Sea. It borders with the province of Villa Clara to the north, west of Matanzas and east with Sancti Spiritus. The city of Cienfuegos is the capital of the province of the same name and it’s one of the most peaceful and nicest cities in Cuba which was declared by UNESCO in 2005 a World Heritage Site. Destination Cienfuegos

Gueshouse Odalys (2 room)

guest house odalys,cienfuegos, cuba

Two bedrooms with private bathroom each, each room has a double bed and another personal, tv and refrigerator. A room with balcony and the other with a terrace. We are very close to the Prado Cienfueguero.

Gueshouse Franco (3 room)

guest house franco, cienfuegos, cuba

The house is between colonial and modern very fresh and pleasant three habitations each with its own bathroom. This sited in the historical Center.

Gueshouse Daniel (1 room)

guest house daniel, cienfuegos, cuba

This historic family home in the heart of the UNESCO Site for world heritage has very private rooms with access to the living spaces.

Gueshouse Marilu (1 room)

guest house marilu, cienfuegos, cuba

Located opposite the Marti Square in the center of the city, with a balcony with a spectacular view as important plaza and private bathroom.

Gueshouse Porel-Techo (2 room)

guest house porel-techo, cienfuegos, cuba

Two rooms and one bathroom for rent in a house located in the historic town of Cienfuegos, 200 meters from the Prado and the Boulevard, 700 meters from the Malecón of Cienfuegos.

Gueshouse Olga-Lidia (3 room)

guest house olga lidia, cienfuegos, cuba

Hostal San Fernando is a stately family home single level, handicap accessible, located in the center of Cienfuegos, 2 blocks from Boulevard San Fernando, main shopping area of the city, rent 3 spacious bedrooms. Each room has a private bathroom.

Gueshouse Luis-Manuel (1 room)

guest house luis manuel, cienfuegos, cuba

The house is one minute away from the Malecón, the room for rent is on the 2nd floor and in the 3rd floor there's a nice terrace where you can see the best sunsets of Cienfuegos. It has a private bathroom.

Gueshouse Maria (1 room)

guest house maria, cienfuegos, cuba

Colonial house in the historic center of the city of Cienfuegos located just 5 minutes from the bus terminal Viazul totally independent, has private bath, TV, with a panoramic view of the whole city, balcony, and gazer terrace from where you can enjoy the sunset.

Gueshouse Gertrudis (2 room)

guest house gertrudis, cienfuegos, cuba

Typical beach house located in the tourist area of Punta Gorda town, has two comfortable and private rooms plus a large terrace with direct access to the sea. We are only 3 km from the historic center declared a World Heritage Site. We offer customized attention. It has a private bathroom.

Gueshouse Ramon (1 room)

guest house ramon, cienfuegos, cuba

Located in the most exclusive part of Cienfuegos and one block away from the Cienfuegos bay. We rent a bedroom that has a private bathroom.

Gueshouse Damilsy (4 room)

guest house damilsy, cienfuegos, cuba

Is a colonial house built in the 1940's located in the center of the city. We rent 4 bedrooms and private bathrooms. We have a beautiful terrace with bar in which you can enjoy really good Cuban food and delicious drinks.

Gueshouse Maribel (2 room)

guest house maribel, cienfuegos, cuba

Super modern minimalist style house with very large and fresh spaces with 2 rooms for rent each with its own bathroom.

Gueshouse Sandra(2 room)

guest house sandra, cienfuegos, cuba

The house has 2 bedrooms, 2 private bathrooms, with a terrace and a living room available for guests. Each room is rented separately. Very comfortable rooms, excellent conditions. Centrally located, near to shopping center, the beach, and other entertainment activities.

Gueshouse Fatima (3 room)

guest house fatima, cienfuegos, cuba

Casa Hostal Don Jose is a modern safe family house, located in Punta Gorda. The house has 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms. Two of them have a full kitchen and all comforts of a high end get a way.

Gueshouse Clara (2 room)

guest house clara, cienfuegos, cuba

Hostal villa Mirty is located in a residential place, 100 meters near the principal street and 200 meters near the Malecón of Cienfuegos. Our casa has two bedrooms with two private bathrooms, one of them has a private balcony and entrance. Notice that is not an entire apartment!!! Is a house where you can interact with the hosts every day.

Gueshouse Jose-Luis (1 room)

guest house jose luis, cienfuegos, cuba

A family hostel, central, cozy, comfortable, friendly, strategic, different. Rent a bedroom with private bathroom, living room, and hall. Balcony terrace where breakfast and dinner are offered.

Gueshouse Jorge (1 room)

guest house jorge, cienfuegos, cuba

Our hostel is located on the main avenue of the beautiful city of Cienfuegos where you can enjoy the wonderful sea view from our terraces and q part of the city around us with hotels and recreation centers. We rent a room with private bathroom. You ca enjoy our garden, terrace, dining room.

Casa amarilla(1 room)

guest house casa amarilla, cienfuegos, cuba

Our lodging Casa Amarilla is located in the safest and most luxurious district of the city, Punta Gorda, surrounded by the sea where you can enjoy the fresh air of the bay, beautiful sunsets and the tranquility of the area. We rent one bedroom and private bathroom.

Gueshouse Rosy (1 room)

guest house rosy, cienfuegos, cuba

Our home is located just only 20 meters from the Paseo del Prado, the city's main artery, running from north to south with almost 2 km long. The home has 1 bedroom with private bathroom.

Gueshouse Tania (2 room)

guest house tania, cienfuegos, cuba

An exceptional place in the center of the city of Cienfuegos, which offers ample space for recreation and comfortable two bedrooms with all the facilities of modern life and private bathroom.


cienfuegos highlight

Jose Marti Park

  • ✓ Ferrer Palace (House of Culture Benjamin Duarte)
  • ✓ Teatro Terry
  • ✓ Arch D Triumph of Cuba (Arco de los Obreros).
  • ✓ Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción Cathedral.
  • ✓ The former College of San Lorenzo (now Secondary School September 5)
  • ✓ Spanish Casino (now the Provincial Museum)
  • ✓ Cementerio de Reina
  • ✓ Necrópolis Tomás Acea
  • ✓ Castillo de Jagua

Naturals Park and Beach

  • Jardín Botánico
  • Laguna Guanaroca
  • Playa de Punta Gorda
  • Laguna del Cura
  • Parque Natural El Nicho
  • Playa Rancho Luna


  • Paladar Ache. Main dishes are based on seafood
  • Las Mamparas. Typical and international cuisine
  • Casa Prado. Fast food
  • Palacio de Valle. Specializing in seafood
  • La Covadonga
  • Villa Lagarto. Fruits and vegetables rich menu of organic origin.

Bars and Clubs

  • El Benny. Cabaret which features the classics sounds and songs of Benny himself.
  • Cultural center. El cubanisimo. Salsa music
  • Jardines de la Uneac. A centre for cultural nightlife with live music (trova, Afro-Cuban, folk)
  • Cabaret Costasur
  • Club Cienfuegos