Guest House Matanzas


Matanzas, a city of rivers and bridges, is the capital of the province of the same name, located in the north-western part of the island at 100 kilometers east of Havana and 30 kilometers from Varadero Beach Resort. The city was founded in 1693 under the name of San Carlos and San Severino de Matanzas. French immigration at the end of the 18th century turned Matanzas into a rich and cultured region, the most prosperous inside the country. It was proclaimed “Athens of Cuba” in 1860 and has always been a reason of inspiration for painters, musicians and poets. Destination Matanzas

Zaida(1 room)

guest house zaida, matanzas, cuba

Versalles, Matanzas City. Rent one room has extra-long bed and private bathroom. The rooms covered terrace is a relaxing place for a drink or just taking the sun.

Mandy (1 room)

guest house mandy, matanzas, cuba

Matanzas City. This room has 2 personal beds and a double bed, and private bathroom, it is designed for a family or maybe 4 friends, and the room is located in the inner courtyard of the house, with separate entrance and disabled.

Mandy 2 (1 room)

guest house mandy, matanzas, cuba

Matanzas City. It is a colonial house in the city center, rent 1 room with private bathroom, we have a beautiful dining terrace or just listen.

Rosa-Maria (1 room)

guest house rosa-maria, matanzas, cuba

Matanzas City. Modern apartment located in the center of city, a room equipped with large closet, up to 3 adults in beds, balcony overlooking a busy street rent.

Angel-Marlene (1 room)

guest house angel-marlene, matanzas, cuba

Matanzas City. The apartment has a separate entrance, is completely renovated and consists of: One living room, a kitchen (with fridge), a bathroom and a bedroom with sea view, tv, closet and two beds. Terrace in the second floor a roof.

Neysa (3 room)

guest house neysa, matanzas. cuba

Matanzas City. My house is at the entrance of the city, has three bedrooms one with a queen bed and private bath, one outside bathroom, also has room for reading and relaxing, kitchen, living room.

Madiolys (1 room)

guest house madiolys, matanzas, cuba

Municipio La Playa, City Matanzas. Just 20 minutes from Varadero, rented a room with private bathroom. Guests can access the rest of the house, patio, terrace, and balcony.

Juan (2 room)

guest house juan, matanzas, cuba

Matanzas City. House on the 2nd floor, fully furnished, close to the sea and only 15 minutes from the beautiful beach of Varadero. 2 bedrooms, private bathrooms. You have access throughout the house upstairs.

Lyndiana (1 room)

guest house lyndiana, matanzas, cuba

Matanzas City. Our apartment is on the 9th floor, we rent one room with a beautiful view of the bay. You can access all areas of the house, and laundry service, hair dryer, kitchen, and living room. The elevator of our building, closes at midnight, so if you come home after that time will have to climb stairs.

Maria Carmen(1 room)

guest house maria-carmen, matanzas cuba

Boca Camarioca, Matanzas, outside Varadero beach, we rent a room with private bathroom, inside of our house with garden front of sea.

Boris (1 room)

guest house boris, matanzas, cuba

Pastorita, Matanzas. This is a very nice new apartment, just 200m from the OCEAN, 10 minutes from the Airport, 20 minutes from Varadero Beach. 1 room with private bathroom.

Teresa (2 room)

guest house teresa, matanzas, cuba

Santa Marta, Varadero. One room and private bathroom just to 15-20 minutes walking to the beach. A lot of restaurants and bars nearby offering delicious Cuban food. Stay with us if you want to live a dream holiday.

Retiro (3 room)

guest house retiro, matanzas, cuba

Santa Marta, Varadero. Entire house with 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms, kitchen, living room, terraces, and pool.

Fatima (4 room)

guest house fatima, matanzas, cuba

Santa Marta, Varadero. Casa Hostal Quinta El Mojito is located 8 or 10 blocks from the beach, 10 to 15 minute walk. 4 bedrooms for rent with all facilities are located on the ground floor, upstairs is located the restaurant "El Mojito" including in their property. The bedrooms has private bathroom.

Bernhard (3 room)

guest house bernhard, matanzas, cuba

Santa Marta. Apartment of 3 bedrooms, kitchen, balcony, living room. In a central street and very quiet of Santa Marta.

Mayte (3 room)

guest house mayte, matanzas, cuba

Varadero. A spacious house 50m away from the beach in private area next to Villa Kawama. The house has beautiful exterior areas. Has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathroom, kitchen, and loving room.

Patricia (5 room)

guest house patricia, matanzas, cuba

Varadero. Just a few meters from the beach, independent house with five rooms. A beautiful big house with space to share with family and friends. Has living room, kitchen with all useful, terrace and backyard with ranch or ranchón. Parking for up to four cars. Near the house there are many places with good gastronomic offers, the bus tour, shops and the diving club.

Leticia (4 room)

guest house leticia, matanzas, cuba

Varadero. Modern 2-story home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms kitchen, living rooms, terraces, garage, ranchon .All you need to spend unforgettable days with family or group of friends.

Alain (3 room)

guest house alain, matanzas, cuba

Varadero. My accommodation is a house that has three rooms with private bathrooms, kitchen, living room, terraces and is located near the beach, tourist shops, hotels and tourist attractions.

Еlena (3 room)

guest house elena, matanzas, cuba

The apartment is located in a house on the first line of a sandy beach in the center of the town. Three bedrooms with two bathrooms, living rooms and balcony.


matanzas and varadero highlight

Attractions Matanzas

  • ✓ Lolo Galeria-Taller
  • ✓ Estadio Victoria de Giron
  • ✓ Catedral de San Carlos Borromeo
  • ✓ Teatro Sauto
  • ✓ Callejon de las Tradiciones
  • ✓ Guama

Galleries and Museums

  • ✓ Gallery Martha Jimenez
  • ✓ Gallery-estudio Magdiel
  • ✓ Gallery Latios
  • ✓ Art House Jover
  • ✓ Museo Palacio de Junco
  • ✓ Bay of Pigs Museum
  • ✓ Pharmaceutical Museum
  • ✓ Museum of the City

Natural Park

  • ✓ Cayo Blanco
  • ✓ Bellamar Caves
  • ✓ Puente de Bacunayagua
  • ✓ La Arboleda
  • ✓ Ermita de Monserrate
  • ✓ Valle Canímar
  • ✓ Boca de Guamá
  • ✓ Finca Campesina

Restaurants Matanzas

  • Arrebato
  • Bella Vista
  • Bistro Kuba
  • Bukan

Restaurants Varadero

  • Castell Nuovo
  • Compas Bar
  • Don Alex
  • El Bodegon del Gordo
  • El Criollo