Guest House Viñales


Viñales Valley is located in the northern part of the province of Pinar del Rio. It has a territorial extension of 693.77 square kilometres without including an area of 920 hectares belonging to adjacent keys which represents 6 percent of the total province. The small town of Viñales is found in the Sierra de los Organos Mountains, part of the Guaniguanico chain, in a fertile plain full of rock formations and mountainous area. Destination Viñales

Elio Suárez (2 room)

guest house  elio, vinales, cuba

This house is located in a quiet street in the centrally located area of Viñales town. It has a big terrace and roof with a panoramic view of the hillocks in Viñales valley, and from where you can see the sunset and at night the stars. This house offers 2 rooms with private bathroom.

El Coral (5 room)

guest house coral, vinales, cuba

Just three blocks away from center of the town we can find Villa el Coral. The house rents five rooms on two levels; the two rooms on the first floor (with independent entrance from the backyard) have a terrace with Mountain View. The rooms on the ground floor have a portal, all rooms have a private bath. The casa owners communicate also in English.

Caricia (1 room)

guest house caricia, vinales, cuba

Doctor Sergio Vento has a beautiful house in Viñales city. This private house has a room for rent. The room has a twin bed and its own bathroom. The room has a refrigerator.

Valle (1 room)

guest house el valle, vinales, cuba

Villa Vista al Valle is located in one of the most privileged areas of Viñales due to the fact it is a little further north of the town, which offers the possibility to enjoy the beautiful view of Viñales. This Casa Particular rents out a private comfortably furnished apartment that has a room in which there is a private bathroom, a double bed as well as a single one, fan and refrigerator. The room offers you access to the yard of the house.

Carmelo (2 room)

guest house carmelo, vinales, cuba

Located in Viñales town, near some night entertainment places and some cultural centers. This real state, which offers two rooms for rent, turns out to be a typical Cuban house of beautiful natural environment. Both rooms has a double bed and private bathroom, refrigerator, two windows and access to a terrace.

El Maestro (1 room)

guest house maestro, vinales, cuba

The house called El Maestro” is located in the beautiful Viñales town, a few minutes from “Polo Montañez” cultural center. It rents out a room in which there is a private bathroom and two double beds. The room has access to the yard and terrace of the house.

El Isleño (2 room)

guest house isleno, vinales, cuba

Just five minutes away from downtown Viñales is located this house that has a very nice environment with a beautiful garden of natural plants. This house offers two private rooms for rent. Each one with two beds for married couples and a view of Viñales valley. They also have bathrooms a refrigerator.

Tomasa (1 room)

guest house tomasa, vinales, cuba

Casa Tomasa is located in a plain, north of Viñales town. It rents out a room in which there is a private bathroom, two double beds as well as an optional single one. The room also has refrigerator and offers access to the yard and terrace of the house where you can enjoy the sunset while trying a delicious tropical fruit juice or a tasty cup of coffee.

Graciela (3 room)

guest house graciela, vinales, cuba

Graciela offers three big rooms with huge areas reserved for the private use of tourists, includes a doorway, a living room with TV, a dining room, a kitchen with refrigerator and terraces. The rooms are big with bathroom inside, two windows that allow light and fresh to fill the rooms. Each one has two double beds.

Villa Irure (2 room)

guest house irure, vinales, cuba

Villa Irure is located just two blocks away from the Main Square. It is an eclectic inspiration house with total safety, quietness and comfort. The house has two big rooms, big windows, two double beds, and a private bathroom. Besides, the family has a rustic farm, right in the heart of the valley.

Ridel (1 room)

guest house ridel, vinales, cuba

It is located in Viñales town and rents out a room on the upper floor with two double beds, refrigerator, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with a panoramic view of the valley, from which you can see the sunset.

Villa Marbely (1 room)

guest house marbely, vinales, cuba

Marbely have a room for rent in their beautiful private house. This house with porch is very well aired. The owners speak English. The room for rent has two twin beds. It has a private bathroom.

Miguel(2 room)

guest house miguel, vinales, cuba

It is located in a very quiet street, 4 blocks away from downtown, being the neighborhood outstandingly clean and quiet, it has a roof with a wonderful view of the mountains where the guests can see the sunset. This lodging place offers two rooms for rent with the same kind of comfort, each room has two double beds, bathroom, and windows that light and ventilate in a natural way.

Villa Jose (1 room)

guest house jose, vinales, cuba

This house is located just a few minute walk to get to La Ermita hotel whose swimming pool and varied offers you can enjoy, and rents out a private apartment with separate entrance. The apartment has a room in which there is a private bathroom, a double bed as well as a single one and refrigerator.

Yolanda (1 room)

guest house yolanda, vinales, cuba

This house is located right in Viñales town. This house has a room for rent with its own way out, which makes your stay more private and comfortable. It has a private terrace that overlooks the garden and patio of the house. The room has two twin beds and a bathroom. It has windows, comfort and hygiene feature this house.

Reynaldo (1 room)

guest house reynaldo, vinales, cuba

This is located in the beautiful town called Viñales, a few meters away from the cultural center called Polo Montañez. The host and hostess speak English. The house is a traditional colonial style house very typical of Viñales, which rents out a room with two double beds, in which there is a private bathroom. Besides it has a garden and a big porch with two rocking chairs to enjoy reading, drink a delicious Cuban Mojito, courtesy of the house or take delight in nature.


Viñales highlight

Places of interest

  • ✓ Santo Tomas Gran Caverna
  • ✓ Indian Cave
  • ✓ Palenque of the Maroons
  • ✓ Mural of Prehistory
  • ✓ Prehistoric park

Places of interest

  • ✓ Palmarito Cave
  • ✓ House Veguero
  • ✓ Viñales Valley Overlook
  • ✓ Botanical Garden
  • ✓ Horse ride through the valley


  • ✓ Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso
  • ✓ 3J Bar de Tapas
  • ✓ Balcon del Valle
  • ✓ El Olivo
  • ✓ Paladar La Cuenca
  • ✓ La Casa Verde


  • ✓ La Ermita Hotel
  • ✓ Los Jazmines Hotel