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Tips to Travel to Cuba

- Visitors travelling to Cuba should select light clothes, above all in the summer. Select cotton fabric, undershirt, and hats to shade the sun, shorts, as well as sandals for the day. For the winter season a light jacket or sweater to be used mainly for nights and closed comfortable shoes. To enjoy the beach don’t forget your swimsuit, sunglasses and sun screen.

- All visitors must have a valid passport with up date visa or tourist card except in the cases of countries that have an agreement with Cuba of free entrees.

- The airport departure tax at the Cuban international airports is 25.00 CUC.

- There are specialized clinics for tourists in the country’s main cities.  The majority of the hotels have 24 hour medical services with specialized personnel. It is recommended to bring your Health Insurance.

- It is suggested to drink bottled water which can easily be purchased in any store or hotel at a price ranging from 0.60 CUC to 1 CUC.

- The electric current in the majority of the places and hotels is 110V/60hz, although there are some installations that have 220V/60 hz.

- In Cuba a visitor can rent cars, bikes, motorcycles or use bus services. Always ask for official taxis from state enterprises which has controlled meter.  The country has 17 airports, in addition to an extensive network of highways and roads.

- The money exchange can be carried out in any bank, hotel and exchange offices known as CADECA. We suggest the visitor that travels with hard currency, to use Euro in place of US dollar. If you do that you avoid to pay 10%% tax over the US dollar when you change it for CUC.

- To rent a car you must present your passport and drivers license. The driver must be 21 years of age.  The drivers license could be international or of the country of origin. We suggest the travel guide called “Guide to Roads in Cuba”. The signs across the country in general are not enough.

- Your mind at ease and security is very important, so do not hesitate in approaching a police if any problem arises. You can approach a Cuban police; they are men and women always willing to help. We advise you not to roam around dark neighborhoods that are unknown to you late at night.

- Avoid anyone that may introduce themselves as tourist guides, they are not professionals and although in general the Cuban people are friendly and willing to help a visitor, you may bump into some hustlers. Like in any country, leave your valuable objects back in the hotel in a safe security box that you can rent for a low price and in many cases they are included in the price of your room.  Ask at the hotel desk for information.

- We recommend you make photocopies of your identification, leaving the original back in the safe security box: copy of your passport, travel insurance and or medical, credit cards and driver’s license.

- In the majority of the state establishments like hotels, restaurants, bars and stores credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are accepted, as long as they are not issued by US banks. Always carry some cash with you.

- Travel with toilet paper as there are times that public bathrooms lack them.

- Those who works in different areas of the services expect a tip which usually could be 10 percent of the total price. In many places the tip is already included in the total price, check on that. Tips should always depend on the quality of the service given to a customer.

- We recommend you to buy a phone card if you need to make a national or international call. The national calls are carried out in Cuban pesos and for that you should purchase a peso phone card. If you need to make international calls then you must purchase a convertible peso, CUC phone card. The Cuban public telephone network is not very extensive but you can find them in many of the city’s main avenues.

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