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Enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Havana when you travel to Cuba

The Chan Chan Club is located in the Hemingway Marina, west of Havana, some 40 minutes from the center of the city. Alongside the ocean and the Marina´s channels, this area allows a visitor to enjoy the good Cuban music with great live groups. Enjoy a humor show and music while dining with typical Cuban food.
Open until 1:00am.


The Copa Room is located in the famous Riviera Hotel, located in Vedado municipality; this is one of the most recognized and best cabarets in Havana. There are two shows with a variety of colourful musicals. The first begins at 10:30PM and it’s a musical with artists and a well qualified moderator.
The second show begins at midnight and offers a varied performance which concludes with taped music to dance to until 3:00AM. You can enjoy typical and international food at the Copa Room.


The Gato Tuerto is excellent for those that love boleros and “feelin” music in Cuba. A group of soloists and first rate Cuban and international groups perform each night. It is located in Vedado neighbourhood in O Street, close to the world famous Nacional Hotel. It opens its doors at 11:00PM until 3:00AM. The Gato Tuerto offers its excellent bars and first category service. In its top floor there is a restaurant of international food which is opened until midnight.


The Turquino is one of the most exquisite night centers in Havana. It is located in the last floor of the Havana Libre Tryp Hotel and has an incredible view of the city. The Turquino opens its doors at 10:30PM until 3:00AM. There are soloists and musical groups each night.


The Havana Café belongs to the Melia Cohiba Hotel located in Vedado neighbourhood across the street from the famous Malecon Seaside Drive. The Havana Café offers one of the best quality performances and most varied of the city.
There are traditional Cuban music, excellent dancers, son and guaracha groups, music of the past, humor and magicians ready to make your night unforgettable. The place offers a varied carte of Cuban and international cuisine, together with a broad offer at its bar.


The Jazz Café is a fabulous option for all the lovers of the musical genre. The place is located in Vedado neighbourhood and opens its doors from noon to 2:00AM.
Different good quality groups perform at the night club. The show begins at 11:00PM. You can enjoy simple international dishes and a variety offered at its bar.


It is located in Miramar neighbourhood. Best Son and Salsa Groups perform every night at Casa de la Música.  It has two halls, El Diablo Tun Tun and Te Quedaras, which presents small format groups for dancing. The atmosphere is excellent. Light food is offered and a wide variety of drinks. They have day and night functions, the whole week.


Recently created, this Casa de la Música has gained quick fame for its excellent musical groups and live orchestras, mainly son and salsa groups perform evey day and night (they have performances at mid day, at a less expensive entrance fee) 7 days a week.


La Macumba is a wide hall that offers the best and most popular live Cuban groups. To end the night, the center offer taped music with excellent disk jockey and a variety of the most modern rhythms.  It is part of the La Giraldilla complex located in the municipality of La Lisa, west of the capital. The center opens its doors from 9:00OPM until 4:00AM.


La Zorra and the Cuervo is a club located in the central 23rd Street known as La Rampa. It offers excellent quality jazz groups. The carte offers light food and a variety of Cuban and international drinks. It is opened everyday from 10:00PM.


The famous Parisién Cabaret is found at the Nacional Hotel, it opens its doors everyday starting at 10:00PM and presents two shows each night. The first and most spectacular with over 100 dancers and singers which perform for 2 straight hours including all musical genres and dances from the island, Latin America and the world. The service is excellent as well as its food, both international and Cuban recipes.


This is another of the most famous night clubs in Havana. Recently refurbished, the Salón Rojo is located in Vedado neighbourhood, only 200 meters from the Nacional Hotel and is one of the sensational places to enjoy the best of Cuban music of our time with the performance of the island’s famous artists.


The Piano Bar Delirio Habanero is found in the last floor of the National Theater located at Revolution Plaza. It opens its doors everyday starting at 10:00PM until 6:00AM. The center offers a varied show with groups and artists of all musical genres. The place stands out for its bohemian atmosphere, distinguished and with a great view of the largest plazas of the city.


This center stands out for its live popular musical performances during night shows with moderate prices and with a wide participation of a young Cuban audience. There are also night presentations at 4:00AM.


The Rio Club is located in O Street in Miramar neighbourhood. It offers a variety of live groups of all musical genres, where jazz and rock and fusion groups perform. It opens its doors starting at 10:00PM until 4:00AM.


This cabaret is the best of its genre in the entire world. The Tropicana Cabaret with over 60 years of existence offers a variety of shows with over 200 artists, dancers, singers which perform for over 2 hours showing you its best and the most authentic Cuban and Caribbean music in a fantastically beautiful natural surroundings, crowned by a vast vegetation and under the stars. Its food and service is excellent.


One of the few centers that offer a fashion show of Cuban designers as well as live musical groups is La Méson. This is an excellent option to spend a nice and different night.


This is known as the house of Boleros in Havana located in Miramar neighbourhood, each night the center offers a performance with Cuban bolero singers where you will enjoy renowned Cuban and international pieces.


This is the best place to enjoy live flamenco music and Spanish singers, located in the Hostal with the same name in Old Havana.

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